Ambleside has a very long history, and because of that the culture has developed to a very unique and rich quality. Thousands of years ago, the Romans set up shop in the area. A fort was built, and the Roman way of life was imposed on those living in the area. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Vikings moved in, and they imposed their way of life as well. Because of all this mixing of civilizations, the culture left on the town has evolved quite a bit, and there are traces from all walks of life. There is a very proud and patriotic English culture in Ambleside as well. Almost all facets of life in Ambleside revolve around traditional British customs. Tea in the afternoon, going to pubs for a drink, and other parts of British culture are quite prevalent in Ambleside. This is a very relaxed and peaceful town. The Lake District is a nice place to go for a quiet vacation if you want to get away from the city for a while. Even with the advancement of technology today, Ambleside has continued to maintain its peaceful ways.