The Cumbria County Council has an elaborate system of public transportation which includes buses, trains, and ferries. Because the area mostly consists of residential and small business complexes, the system runs to serve the needs of the locals. However, there are plenty of routes and times scheduled to suite the needs of tourists as well. The public transportation system is safe, efficient, and a very popular method of getting around in the area. Almost every resident of Ambleside rides the buses, and it is often a popular choice to use the ferry as well. The trains are also a good way to get around, but that is more efficient if you are going to be traveling a long distance and need to get there fast. The fares for riding on the public transportation system is not too expensive, but if you continue to use it it will start to add up. Because of this, you can buy a multi-use card that is good if you are going to be in town for a long time. You can buy the tickets at a stand before you get on a bus, or you can just pay once you get on the buses.