For the majority of visitors, a trip to Keswick will begin with a flight into one of England’s major airports.  The closest airports to the Lake District are located in Manchester and Birmingham.

            The Manchester International Airport is located about 115 miles south of the city of Keswick.  There are buses and trains that make regularly scheduled, daily trips between Manchester and Keswick.  The fact that the airport has its own train station makes commuting to Keswick an easy task.  Renting a car is another option for getting to the Lake District, and there are many rental car companies near the airport.

            The Birmingham International Airport is one of England’s main airports, and many airlines from all over the world fly into this location.  This airport is located around 190 miles south of Keswick, and there are again buses and trains with regularly scheduled routes between the two.  Renting a car is another option for getting to Keswick, and there are plenty of Rental Car Agencies near Birmingham Airport.

            Flying into the major airports of London is another option, but they are all located more than 300 miles away.

            There are plenty of options from areas all around England for Getting to Keswick by Train or Bus .

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