The legendary fierce fighting men who are the Ghurkas belies the friendly reception from them in Blackpool that is the hallmark of a meal in their company. Words chosen carefully, because they make their guests feel so welcome. Booking is recommended, but they will always fit you in, and its no hardship to sample a 'Ghurka beer' (large bottle of course) while you wait for a table.  An eclectic selection of food from Chinese and Indian dishes, through Nepalese (watch out for the hell fire hotness of the curried lamb) and Thai to English via dishes suitable for veggies.  As much as you can eat, and as many visits to the buffet as you can stand. But don't fill your plate if you don't intend to clear it. You will be charged extra for the privilege. Little and often is the secret. Because that 'kukri' is not just for show!!  Enjoy. You take some satisfying if you don't.