Blackpool Transport

There are several ways of getting around Blackpool. Most people either catch a taxi or walk but there are other ways to get around the resort.


The Metroline system that Blackpool uses for the buses has been highly commended for its simplicity to use. Each route is colour and number coded, and not only are the routes different colours, but the buses are too! The Metroline buses travel as far north as Fleetwood and Knott End, and as far south as Lytham. There are also numerous routes that use buses that are disability friendly, with ramp access. To speak to an adviser about which routes use the low floor buses, please call 01253 473000.

Further information on prices, maps and timetables can be found at the Blackpool Transport Services, Metro Coastlines website.


Blackpool trams run along the promenade from Fleetwood in the north to Starr Gate in the South. Details are also available at the Blackpool Transport Services, Metro Coastlines website, but the trams run frequently.


There are several taxi companies in Blackpool, and their details are easily located in the telephone book. Most hotels and restaurants, along with many supermarkets, are able to provide a courtesy phone for requesting a taxi. One company that accepts credit and debit card payments in the cab without a minimum fare is Premier on 01253 401000.