Blackpool is the ultimate people watching town. Nothing is hidden away or private - it's all out of show! By its nature, Blackpool is a show off and the bigger the audience the better. There are many fantastic places to watch the world go by and only a small selection can be named here, but the key with people watching is to go somewhere not only busy but scenic. Here are a few recommendations, depending on your taste:-

Rose Gardens and Art Deco Cafe, Stanley Park, West Park Drive

White Tower Restaurant, Blackpool Pleasure Beach 

Sand Dunes, Queen's Promenade 

Tower top (why stop at a few people when you can watch the whole town!), Tower Ballroom, Central Promenade

Hole in the Wall outdoor cafe, Promenade (near the Metropole)

Beach Cafe - Fairhaven, Lytham - St. Annes