Belgrave Road, is most noted for the stretch of real estate called the "Golden Mile." The origin of the name is often, mistakenly attributed to the many shops selling gold jewellery. In fact, the name was first used in the late 1960s and early 1970s when a proliferation of yellow-amber traffic lights appeared along a short stretch of road (one mile to be exact). While commonplace now, at the time it was unique in Leicester. It is renowned for its authentic Indian restaurants, sari shops, and jewelers, and has been described as "the closest that Britain comes to an Indian bazaar". This area of the city is also famous for its seasonal lights which combine to celebrate winter festivals including the Hindu celebration Diwali (Festival of Light) and Christmas. The Diwali celebrations in Leicester are focused on this area and are purported to be the largest outside of India. Definitely a place to visit if in the Leicester area.