If you are driving a car in London you will soon come to realise that parking wardens in the UK are some of the most efficient people you will ever come across! It will come as a shock to you to find organisations similar to the civil service operating so efficiently that it leaves you wondering "would the UK still be ruling the world if it was as efficient as parking wardens?" :)

The Parking Wardens from Westminster are particularly busy (having been voted the most efficient in the country) and will not hesitate to issue a parking ticket (whether warranted or not!).

The second most efficient people in all of London are the wheel clampers! These guys are fast! So fast that they have been known to be affixing wheel clamps to cars that have not even stopped!

If you think the cost of petrol is expensive in the UK, well try this. Currently to get a wheel clamp removed within Westminster costs £65, and that’s on top of the £50 parking fine you also had stuck to your windscreen! And if you do not pay this fee within 2 hours you will find that your car has been towed away (by the third most efficient people in all of Britain!).

However, there is one faint glimmer of hope if your car has been clamped. Rumour has it that there is a good Samaritan who travels around the streets of London removing wheel clamps free of charge. Of course this persons methods are rather unorthodox in that he uses a circular saw to remove the clamp :)

The main problem in Britain with parking wardens is that these services, for the most part, have been outsourced to third parties where their only aim is to generate profit. This is why every morning you will find 6 or 7 parking wardens around Royal Mail depots merrily issuing parking tickets to Royal Mail vans that are parked in front waiting to be loaded with mail!

The best thing to do before you park your car is to ensure you are parking it in an area that you can park in. Also do not abuse the parking wardens because while they could very well be wrong, they are never the less just doing their jobs. 

Current Special Offers for car parks in London: the Abingdon Masterpark car park next to the Houses of Parliament is only £10 per 24 hours over a weekend. Most central car parks in W1 and SW1 were about £40-54 per 24 hours. Note this is only from midnight friday night until midnight sunday night.

An even better idea is not to bring a car into London at all - the congestion charge of £8 per day outweighs the high cost of public transport, and tube trains never get clamped!