London Bridge- Has Not Fallen!


 London Bridge is among the most doted attraction of London city, which becomes almost an inevitable thing to do while you are in London. Its references start right at the infancy. Remember the famous myth, the ‘London Bridge is falling down’? Well, London Bridge did never actually fall to loose all of its traces. It fell, but it was under revamp, and today it stands firm in London. You will find the structure of London Bridge standing above the River Thames and right at the heart of London near the City of London. Take a spectacular view from above this bridge, on the waters of River Thames and from across the City of London. It has several attractions like the Southwark Cathedral, the Tower Bridge and the Monument to the Great Fire of London and some thriving London entertainment zones like the pubs, bars, restaurants, theatres and operas. London Bridge is often confused with the London Tower Bridge, so reach this legendry London attraction through tube, to avoid getting lost or distracted by other amazing views of the city. You can travel here through the London bridge tube station and the Oxford Circus tube station.

 London Bridge History at a Glance:


 The London Bridge was constructed for the first time during the 50 Ad by the Roman conquers. With time it went decrepit and shabby, and lost its charms. By the 18th century, the bridge was 600 years old. It was the time when it was reconstructed to be brought back to life. In the year 1967, it was sold by the Common Council of London to Robert McCulloch. London Bridge has gone through rises and falls. And today you will find this famous place covered in the shoots of many movies as well.