Please be sure to include the following information:

1) The exact dates of your travel (Check-in and Check-out)

2) Budget in GBP per night.  If you don’t know the conversion rate, use the very helpful website

3) Number of people (and their ages) in your party

Some General Advice:

--Most London hotel rooms sleep two; there are some that sleep three (triples), and a few that sleep four (quads).  Not all quads are meant for four adults.  The hotel may state that only two adults, and two children may occupy a room.  “Child” will likely be defined differently by each hotel, so be sure to check. 

 --Currently no London hotels offer shuttle service to their hotels from the airport.  However, from Heathrow, you can use the tube, the Heathrow Connect, the Heathrow Express, a taxi, a bus, or a pre-booked car service.  The cheapest option is a single fare on the tube, which takes roughly 50 minutes into London. A taxi is a more expensive option, but will be door-to-door.  Other London airports also offer public transport options.

--Bed and Breakfasts are rather thin on the ground in London.  There are many hotels, and quite a few of these offer breakfast, or have options for breakfast nearby.  You’ll greatly limit your search if you request a B & B.

--Most tourist attractions are located in central London, in zones 1 and 2.  Looking at a tube map, this is more or less the area within the Circle Line and extending to the area near Waterloo. 

--Staying further out in the zones, or at the airport, will cost more, both in terms of time and transportation, and is usually a false economy.  Hotels near those airports are handy for very early departures, but overall are not meant for stays where the destination is central London. If you are here to visit London, stay in London.

--London doesn’t really have a low season in terms of hotel rooms.  An inexpensive, but reasonable hotel in central London will cost about £130 and up. 

 -- If you happen to be in London during university holidays, all the major colleges have halls of residence which are available at very low cost (around £45 per room, per night). They're pretty much all singles, although some have apartments too. Most include breakfast, and they can be very close to the centre of town - they're not luxurious, but represent a decent alternative to a hostel, or very cheap hotel.  London also has hostels.

--If you have a family or group and plan to stay in London for about a week, give or take, you may want to look into staying in a flat.  Please read the link here about renting flats.  While there are many good flats in London, a few scammers have managed to spoil unwitting tourists’ holidays.  This link will tell you who, and who not to rent from, and a great many other things besides.