York's weather is much the same as the rest of the UK - changeable. It can rain suddenly in the middle of a sunny day, or the sun can suddenly come out in the middle of a downpour. The trick is to be ready for anything, and certainly not to assume a sunny day yesterday means a sunny day today.

The summers can be glorious but visitors may like to note this quote from 

“lowlands including the Vale of York, Vale of Pickering and the area around the Humber estuary, are relatively dry, but inclined to be exposed to cold winds in spring and early summer….. Drainage of cold air from surrounding uplands gives rise to prolonged and severe frosts and fog in the Vale of York”   

Those who live in the area (or who visit regularly) will be familiar with the autumn/winter frost and fog scenario but so long as you’re appropriately dressed for the weather you can still enjoy the city - it can add to the charm. There's nothing like a bit of mist to add to the thrill of one of the Ghost walks......

A few days' rain is usually sufficient to make the river start to overflow its banks, but the city's flood defences are able to cope with all but the most severe flooding and properties near the river (such as the famous King's Arms pub) are partially submerged as a matter of course. If you are in York to witness flooding, don't worry and enjoy the unusual views!


When to visit 

In common with other towns and cities that are popular with tourists, York is quieter midweek, and unless you enjoy sitting in a queue of traffic or being squeezed into a packed railway carriage you may want to try to avoid visiting the city at the same time as the  Race Days at York Racecourse (various dates between May and October).

In spring you can't beat a walk along the City Walls, with the yellow daffodils dancing against the foot of the stone walls, and visiting when the Viking Festival (February)  is on,  or the Early Music Festival (July), or the Festival of Angels (December) is always popular.

York is a fantastic place to visit at any time of year, whatever the weather, but the easiest way to get  there is either travel by train or make use of the Park and Ride Scheme, especially during school holidays and when any of the many special events are on.