Trip Advisor is not a site dedicated to finding travel companions but a place to get the information you need for a good holiday the way you like it. This forum is about travelling on your own but with the question so often asked here are a list of sites mentioned on a long thread if you really feel you must find a stranger to travel with. 

None of them have been checked, they are just those mentioned by posters all put in the same place for your convenience. Something to think about when you are pondering if you want to travel with a stranger; many people to solo to their destinatoin and meet new people along the way, hen if not compatible just move on and not have the whole holiday hijacked.

Some thoughts before you begin .................................

Be sure to get know the persons well by exchanging private messages, reading their trips, etc

While this is not a safe site to find a travel buddy (and is a forum for travelling as a Solo) there have been a number of suggestions in the past.

You should never tell anyone where you will be on your own away from home, or tell people you meet up with where you are staying. If they are legit you don't know who's listening behind you or who their friends are. This is a regular way to scam and steal. Knowing you are not in your room or that being solo if they wait for you to leave and know there will be no one in there. Knowing where you keep your money in your bag.

There are thieves, mentally ill and just plain limpet like bores.

Take care who you pick and how much you tell them.

Also If you have a particular hobby then a dedicated site to that would be a good place to start. Football, athletics, dancing, art all these sort of things usually have local clubs in many destinations and linking with a club on your holiday means you can meet a lot of new people.


claims to connect solo and adventure travelers such as climbers, divers, etc.

It has just gone live so not many postings. But the good thing is that it seems to work on smartphone and PC, and seems pretty easy to use.



Go to your own city and do a search for travel clubs. This way, your travel buddy would be in your own city so you can meet them first before going on a trip with them. They've also often have group trips too.

Senior Traveling Companion

It is sort of like a shot in the dark to find a travel buddy that you are comfortable with. It simply takes a little time and effort. It' possible to make friends to travel with but takes some time to do; lots of correspondence, reference, and background checking before taking off to meet them. It is great to be able to ask for a table for two and then actually have someone to share a meal with and talk about what had been seen that day. Good experience, but be patient while looking for someone to travel with.


Free and easy to use website for finding travel buddies.


Travellers Point

Trip Together

Companions to Travel

Charge about £5.00 a month. Also, they do socials to get to know the person/people you are intending to travel with.

Thelma and Louise