Newcastle is probably one of the UK's safest cities. Visits to the area are 99% trouble-free and mostly, people go away with great memories of the place.

However, standard advice applies. Don't attract attention to yourself, don't wear ridiculously expensive jewellery, avoid seemingly deserted spaces (such as parks and dark alleyways). If you're on your own, keep your wits about you and use a licensed taxi (signified in Newcastle by a red sticker with a depiction of three castle turrets and licence number) for transport where possible.

The weekends are generally the time when any trouble surfaces and most of this is concentrated in the Bigg Market area. If you're a non-local, it's wise to avoid this area on a Saturday night as the atmosphere can be intimidating.

A couple of suburbs to avoid are Elswick and Benwell, located to the west of the city. It's not like you'll have need to go to either place, but if you end up lost around here, the experience can be un-nerving.

Byker (to the east of the centre), although it has a reputation, has calmed down in recent years owing to the redevelopment that has taken place. It is still wise to avoid this area after sunset though as gangs of youths (known locally as charvas) congregate on most street corners and near transportation stops (such as the Metro and bus stops). The Byker Wall, a triumph of 1960s housing, is located here and is a sight to behold. View with others during the day.