Most people visit Coventry for the Cathedrals - of which the city has had 3. The oldest, the Cathedral of St Mary and its Priory was excavated recently and what was found is located by the nearby Holy Trinity Church. The other 2 cathedrals are more well known and are the old bombed out Cathedral and the newer Cathedral which was designed by Sir Basil Spence, all in the same vicinity.

 The statue of Lady Godiva is another popular attraction just a short stroll from the Cathedrals and is situated under the canopy (glorified tent) by Cathedral Lanes shopping centre in Broadgate.

For more on the history of Coventry then a trip to St Marys Guildhall by the cathedrals is a must. It has lots of charm. The Museum of British Road Transport by the Whittle Arches is also worth a visit to see the history of the motor cars and see some classics built in the city it's free and they have plenty of activities for children! Especially during the summer holidays.

The Herbert Art Gallery features many temporary exhibits by a variety of artists. The displays change every month or so and details can be got from the information centre.

 For a look into life in the Roman Army then a trip to Lunt Roman Fort may be worthwhile. It boasts a reconstruction of an original fort in where archaeologists have found remains. It includes an arena where they would have practiced fighting or to be used for entertainment purposes.

The best thing to do is get the city tour guide book from the information centre under the old cathedral tower. This will show what remains of the medieval city walls plus the two remaining city gates and highlight most of the other remaining medieval buildings such as Whitefriars, the Old Grammar School and some more in Spon Street and Spon End. When you see how neglected they are you can perhaps write to the City Council or post what you have seen on Tripadvisor and shame them into doing something about it! There is also a very good unofficial Historic Coventry website (Google Historic Coventry), which has links to the official sites.