Salisbury is home to a number of historic sites and museums for the avid history buff. The Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum contains Neolithic artifacts and significant works of art, costume, social history and ceramics. Old Sarum is an Iron Age hill fort dating back 5000 years, and is the site of a Norman castle where part of the Doomsday Book was completed and where Queen Eleanor was imprisoned by Henry II. The Salisbury Cathedral is home to an excellent early copy of the Magna Carta.

A walk through the water meadows from Salisbury to Harnham will take a wandering traveler past the site of Constable's famous painting of the cathedral as well as the 15th century water mill on the river called, not surprisingly, " The Old Mill'.

Just outside of Salisbury in the village of Newton is the Old Mill House, another old mill with the no longer functioning millwheel still in the basement. It is reputed to have been listed in the Doomsday Book, and sits in a lovely pastoral setting.

Perhaps one of the most famous historical sites, Stonehenge, is just outside of the city as well.

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