The Llanberis Lake Railway is a lovely little steam train ride starting at Llanberis, the village at the foot of Snowdon, and running through the Padarn Heritage and Country Park, and alongside the full length of Lake Padarn, the largest of Llanberis's two lakes.  There are really great views from the train of the Snowdonia mountains and the peak of Snowdon itself.

The line has three little steam engines that all worked in the nearby slate quarry until it closed. Dolbadarn is named after the nearby Castle, Elidir carries the name of the mountain where the slate was quarried, and Thomas Bach (meaning Little Thomas) a favourite with the kids as he's also painted blue like his more famous bigger brother.  These little engines pull a handful of enclosed carriages along the line delighting visitors on the way.  Some of the carriages have been converted to take wheelchairs, and access is really easy.

The railway has a gift shop and a cafe at its main station near the slate museum, and a little shop at its Llanberis station which is just across the way from the Snowdon Mountain Railway.  The train stops for a few minutes at the halfway station where there is a picnic area alongside the lake.  There is also a children's play area, but doesn't belong to the railway and this isn't always open.

As it's one of the smaller Great Little Trains of Wales its fares are more affordable, especially for families with children.  A family of four can enjoy the trip for under £20 (compared with over £30 for many of the other railways).  This little line is well worth a visit, and there's plenty more to do in Llanberis to make a rewarding day out.