In general, Edinburgh is a very safe place to visit; the local authorities understand that tourists flock to the city (especially during the festivals) and police presence is active and effective, especially during the busier seasons. Unfortunately, some areas of the city have picked up a reputation for safety issues (Leith, for one, although most of its issues have been largely resolved over the past few decades), and some actually are more dangerous than others—the New Town area, with its upscale shops, does attract its fair share of crime, and police statistics indicate more crimes were committed around Princes Street than any in any other area of the city.

That said, Edinburgh is a major city and a major tourist destination with all the safety issues inherent in urban life anywhere, so have fun but always exercise caution and discretion—keep an eye on your children and bags at all times, know where you’re going before heading out for the night, don’t carry around large amounts of cash. Common sense is key and if you use it, touring Edinburgh is likely just as safe as walking down your own home street.