St Andrews is a town full of passionate people, and as such we attract a great number of different annual events, from golf, to poetry, to drama, to traditional highland games. Check out the 'Visit St Andrews' events section for more information.

Most golf related events are held on one of the six Links Courses in St. Andrews.  These courses (especially the Old Course) are world famous, with legends like Tiger Woods calling them his favorite of all time.  Many PGA tour events come through St Andrews, like the Open Championship (possibly the most important golf event in the world), and the Dunhill Links.  For more information, visit the Links Events Page.  The official golf week is held in St Andrews at the end of every April.           

The most unique event of the St Andrews calendar is the St Andrews Festival, which takes place on the weekend preceding St Andrews' Day (30th November). Ceilidhs and culture, food and parades, and free entry to the town's museums makes this winter weekend an excellent time to visit St Andrews.

A cultural event held in St Andrews every year is the Stanza Poetry Festival .  This unique gathering of the area’s finest poets and performers draws large crowds every year.  This is the only poetry festival held every year in Scotland, and happened during the month of March.

The Highland Games is a unique sporting event held in Scotland and a few other places around the world, and has events held in Fife throughout the summer months.