The Highland Aviation Museum

It is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4.30pm April to November and is based at: 9 Dalcross Industrial Estate, By Inverness Airport (you can follow the bright orange signposts for directions).

Would you like to sit in the Pilot's seat of a:


Lightning, Supersonic Interceptor?

Buccaneer, Low Level Bomber?

Jet Provost Trainer?

Herald, Passenger Aircraft?

Take a good look at RAF Aircrew and Airfield History during WWII with many displays, models and artefacts.  You can even get strapped into an Ejection Seat and try on Flight Jacket, Gas Mask and Uniform.  The kids (and the BIG kids)will just love this.

Get your cameras ready because, if you have children or grandchildren, they will want their photo taken in all the cockpits and the Fire Tender.

2011 Update:

The museum has a new website

The latest addition to the museum is the forward fuselage (54ft) of Nimrod XV254. Escorted tours of the cockpit and crew stations are available at no extra charge.

The Herald can be booked for childrens parties, at no extra charge. There are 12 seats available in the passenger compartment. Mum, or Dad, acts as the 'trolley dolly' to dish out cake, etc (nothing too messy) and after that the children can go 'fly the aircraft'.

Outdoor Exhibits are:

Nimrod (Forward Fuselage) Blackburn Buckaneer S1, Panavia Tornado GR1, Hawker Hunter F1, Vickers Valiant B1 (Cockpit), EE Lightning F1A (Cockpit), HS Buchaneer S2b (Cockpit), Jet Provost T3 (Cockpit), Jet Provost T4 (Cockpit), HP Herald 214 (Forward Fuselage), Thorneycroft, Airfield Fire Tender.

There were 5 people on the trip with ages ranging from 61 down to 12; all throughly enjoyed the visit, as there was something for all to enjoy.  The stories told and the exhibits seen were very informative.


Adults - £5.00

Children (over 3 years) - 3.50

Family of 4 (2 Adults and 2 children) - £15.00

Very reasonable for a step back in time which is run solely by volunteers and enthusiasts. Well done, chaps, keep up the good work.