Some Isle of Skye visitors may find the idea of single track driving quite daunting and for this reason may decide renting a hire car is not for them..  Single track roads are narrow roads (only wide enough for 1 car, but are actually 2 way roads) which require drivers to pull off to the side of the road (in to passing places) for oncoming traffic to pass.  Travellers can learn more about driving on single track roads by reading the article posted at

Travelers may find that it is not necessary to rent a car in the area anyway, because there are other options for getting around the Isle of Skye.  Taxi hire is one of the most frequently used of those options.  Taxis can be hailed on the street.  Taxis can also be called for pick up and can even be hired for hourly and partial/full day tours of the Isle of Skye, representing good value for money.

There are numerous taxi rental locations available.  Some of the more popular options include Fast Cabs, Portree (Tel. 01478 612200.Mobile 07784996902), Kyle Taxi. Co. ( ), Skyeways ( & the Donald Nicolson Company (, "Isle Drive", Dunvegan (Tel 01470572302. Mobile 07483149143).

Cars may also be hired from Skye Car Hire  in Kyle and from M2 MOTORS and Portree Coachworks in Portree. You may also hire a motorbike in Portree from Skye Motorcycle Hire

For tips on driving on single track roads see here . Try and ensure you use the passing places to allow other cars to overtake you to reduce driver fustration and let you enjoy the scenery. Beware of sheep and deer on the roads - sheep cause many accidents especially in Spring when they have lambs. In Winter time when the nights are cold, the deer come down from the hills and may be in the road.