Galway City has a compact City Centre core compared to many other Cities. However this does mean that it is bursting with things to see that you will miss if you blink.

In order to get to know the City you have many options. The tourist office supply maps of the City Centre but they don't have much information regarding history. There are a few other free maps and guides you can pick up including the Junior chamber of commerce booklet and also a small City pocket guide called xposed

For organised tours you have plenty of options with a number of walking tour companies that show you the Medieval City centre and also give you some insight into a sometimes surprising history. Their brochures can be picked at many places but be warned most have minimum numbers or have to be booked in advance. List of contact details and websites below

Galway Tours

Galway on Foot

Town Crier Tour


A guy who dresses up as the Town crier also occasionallly can be seen giving walking tours around the City

There are also a number of open top buses but bare in mind since 1998 much of Galway has been pedestrianised so the buses don't visit the Medieval City rather the suburbs and salthill although you get a good view of the University.