Anyone who has never traveled to Killarney or to Ireland will benefit from knowing some tidbits about the town before arriving here. More information about Killarney is available on Killarney’s official web site:

Air Travel: The closest airport to Killarney is Kerry International Airport ( KIR ),. There are a limited number of flights from this airport including Dublin and London. The next closest one is Cork International Airport ( ORK ) which has more international connections. The drive to Killarney from the Kerry Airport is about 15 minutes long.

Bus & Rail Travel: Killarney has its own seperate bus and train stations located within walking distance of the town center. Rail travel is provided to Tralee, Cork, Limerick, Galway etc by means of the main line from Tralee to Dublin. Bus service is available to other local towns as well as the nearby cities of Limerick and Cork.

Medical Emergencies: In case of any sort of medical emergency while visiting Killarney, there are medical centers where treatment can be received. The emergency telephone numbers in Killarney are “999” and “112.”

Money: The country of Ireland uses Euros as their official form of currency. There are currency exchange offices located at the airports and throughout Killarney.

Post Office: Postal rates vary depending on where letters and/or postcards are being sent. The post office in Killarney is open Monday through Saturday (hours vary depending on the day) and is located on New Street.

Electronics and Appliances: Ireland’s electrical sockets are 3-pin flat  (same as the UK) and provide 220V AC at 50 Hz so an adapter may be needed if small electronics or appliances are brought from another country that uses a different system.

Tourist Office: Killarney has a large tourist office for local and national information located on Beech Road (just off New Street). It is open all year long and can provide information on local attractions and activities, lodging and dining as well as tours and other services. They also have an extensive ranges of books, maps and souvenirs for sale.

Pubs: Pubs are where most of the  nightlife takes place in Killarney. Depending on the day, pubs close at varying hours at night, but the latest they are open is 12:30 a.m.

Climate: The weather in Killarney is often very changable and a rain jacket is usually a good idea regardless of the forecast.

Muckross House Gardens & Traditional Farm   Great place to walk around gardens etc.