Visitors will find that the best means of getting in to Sligo is via rental car but that the car will not be needed very much during the actual stay in the area.  Travelers should plan to keep it throughout their stay in order to take day trips to places outside of Sligo.  However, as far as getting around Sligo itself, walking is the best method for most travelers.

In fact, almost all of the major tourist attractions can be seen on a walk which lasts approximately an hour and a half.  This well-known walk, called the Tourist Trail, is laid out with signage which visitors can read in order to gain a sense of the history they are passing as they walk by. 

Some of the sights that visitors will see along this trail include the historic downtown area of Sligo which is definitely best seen on foot.   The major street running through the area is O’Connell, and visitors frequently walk right along the edge of this street.   Two blocks south of this street is Temple Street which is the street where the tourist information office is located.   See for more information about the office.

Travelers should know that there is no public transportation in Sligo and taxi service is limited.  There are some taxis for those people who wish to exercise this limited option; they can be hailed on the street if they pass, or they can be called for pick up.