The most important thing for travelers to know about shopping in Sligo is that they should not plan on doing it on Sundays.  This is because Sligo is, in many ways, a traditional old town and many shops either keep short hours or are closed entirely on Sundays.  This may not always be the case, especially during the busy tourist season in the area which peaks in July and August, but it’s a good thing for travelers to keep in mind when working shopping in to their planned itinerary.

In terms of where to go and what to buy, there are the usual options in the area.  Many people purchase wine in the area to take back home.  Visitors are reminded to double-check with customs in their home countries before making purchases of liquor and other potentially prohibited items.

As far as local goods, there are numerous little stores in which travelers can purchase handicrafts from the area.  Some of the best stores for doing so are The Cat and the Moon, Sligo Craft Pottery, and Quinn’s Wood Carving Store ( ).  Travelers who are more interested in precious items can purchase jewelry and gems from the Wehrly Brothers Limited store located in Sligo.

Other shops of interest are Kate's Kitchen Castle street which is a lovely Deli and stocks Wine, Chocolates, Sauces, Cheese and other speciality foodstuffs. Cosgrove's on Market street is another beautiful traditional Deli well worth checking out for Cheese pasta, olives etc.

If you are looking for tickets to local or National events go to Third Wave Music. 35. O'Connell Street. A  music shop situated upstairs across the road from the Permanent TSB bank. They are the only Ticketmaster agents in Sligo and also stock quite a good range of Irish music CDs.