The most popular tourist attractions in Sligo, oddly enough, are the cemeteries which commemorate the ancient history of the area.  The Carrowmore is the most famous of these ( ).  Travelers who find that graveyards are not quite their thing can experience the history of the area by visiting the local museums.

The majority of the museums in the area are devoted to providing information about W.B. Yeats, the famous poet who is crucial to the history of the area.  One of these is the Sligo County Museum ( ) which, in addition to having an extensive collection of artifacts relating to Yeats, has other historical mementos from various periods of Sligo’s past.  Another, which is devoted entirely to Yeats, is the Yeats Memorial Building ( ).

Travelers who appreciate the poetry of Yeats tend to have a creative streak and may also be interested in the art museums and galleries in Sligo.  In terms of modern art, the best bet is the Model Arts Center.  Additional information about this most recent of art museums in Sligo is available at . The Sligo Art Gallery ( ) and the Taylor Art Gallery ( l ) are other good options for creatively-minded Sligo visitors.  

Information about additional Sligo attractions is available at .