The Working Class Movement Library   was originally founded by Ruth and Edmund  Frow in their own home in Old Trafford in  the mid 1950s and now fills 40 rooms in a  beautiful  Edwardian  building  on The Crescent,   Salford,  just outside Manchester city centre. It is recognised as one of the most important archives in Europe on working class history. The library comprises  books, pamphlets newspapers, banners, posters, photographs and much else besides. There  are important  collections on Thomas Paine, Peterloo, the Chartists, Votes for Women,   the General Strike, the Spanish  Civil War, the Miners Strike and other key historical episodes.   The library  welcomes researchers by prior appointment.

The library  is open to the public who can visit  a display and exhibition area which is open to the public without booking  from Wednesday to Friday 1pm-5pm. Just ring the bell!. The displays in the hall  feature many unique items from the collection,  whilst there are regular exhibitions.  The library also offers tours of the building which  should be booked in advance.

The library is located at 51 Crescent Salford M5 4WX  There is a nearby station at Salford Crescent


Telephone: 161-736-3601