Discover Bordeaux, the official tourism website of the Bordeaux region of France, is a great place for those who are thinking of visiting the area to begin gathering information.  This website is available to read in French or in English and offers an extensive amount of information--more that what is normally offered by tourist board websites--for free.

At Discover Bordeaux potential visitors can read about the region's rich history and learn about its centuries old wine-making traditions.  The area's three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Saint-André Cathedral, the Saint-Seurin Basilica, and the Saint Michel Basilica, are all profiled on the website, complete with beautiful photos.  In addition, the Discover Bordeaux website provides news headlines from area publications, especially about those things which would concern and interest tourists.

Along with these extras, the Bordeaux website also provides more traditional tourism information such as places to stay, things to do, shopping and dining listings, weather reports, and transportation listings.