The busy tourist season in the Dordogne Valley is the summer time, beginning in June and continuing through September.  Travelers interested in seeing all of the attractions of the area while not getting trapped in a huge crowd should try to make their way to the area at the beginning or end of the season; July and August are the busiest times of travel in the area.

Those summer days can get fairly warm but not uncomfortably so.  The average summer high temperature is approximately eighty five degrees.  In late spring and early autumn, the weather is slightly cooler, making it more comfortable for travelers interested in enjoying moderate temperatures.  During the mornings in those seasons, there tends to be fog in the area and mist in the air, making the temperatures cool enough for a light jacket to be necessary.

The average winter temperature in the region is in the forties, which is not particularly cold for most people traveling from other parts of the world at that time.  As late in to the year as November and as early as April, temperatures are back up in the fifties.

Current weather conditions for the Dordogne Valley region can be obtained online from Yahoo! Weather at .