The public transportation network in Brittany is very well managed. Schedules and route information is provided on the official Saint-Malo City Web site.

Buses run to the nearby villages and small towns near Saint-Malo, as well as some destinations a bit further afield. Buses fun from about 8am in the morning until 12:30pm, there is a break for lunch and then service from 2pm until 6:30pm Monday to Friday, and from 8:15am until 12:30pm during the weekend.

The rest of the time you might have to rely on taxicabs to get around the nearby towns and to other major destinations outside of the old city centers. Cabs are not exactly plentiful in Saint-Malo however, so you might want to call ahead to reserve a car. Otherwise head to the center of town or other popular destinations, as this is the best bet to find a car. Outside of town you might have to make arrangements for a pick up.

The drivers do know the region very well, and while they can be heavy on the pedal at times they are respectful of other drivers in most cases. Be sure to agree upon the cost of the fare before you begin your journey. Long trips, those at night or to certain places may incur an additional fee.