Daytrips from Tours are numerous and fun, so be sure to plan ahead and learn about all the nearby places that would be well worth the excursion .

Tours outside of tours do not belong solely to Paris, though the capital is only an hour TGV train ride away.  

But why not try checking out one of the region’s wineries instead; the Tours Tourism Office details many attractive daytrip options for wine treks , specifying both day and color.

Driving around to all the various chateaux that dot the Loire Valley region is a great way to delve into France’s past, architecturally and culturally.  If, however, such destinations would bore you, or you feel a car ride would not give you enough visual perspective on the magnificent constructions, then why not take an aerial tour?  Affordable and dazzling, helicopter surveys are available for the savvy tourist and hot air balloon vantages are offered to those not-so-prone to white knuckles.  Check here for more info .