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Inside Background
At present Epernay is expecting the launch of the TGV Est, and maybe it has...
Last edited: 25 April 2007
Inside Things to Do
Great champagne houses along Avenue de Champagne but... they are all closed...
Last edited: 03 September 2006
Boutique tasting room on Avenue De Champagne, Epernay for the champagne house...
Last edited: 31 January 2014
Inside Dining Scene
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Inside France: For Foreign Visitors
Being part of the Eurozone, France uses the Euro as its currency. The euro is...
Last edited: 09 August 2012
Border crossings France is a member state of the Schengen area (see here) and...
Last edited: 07 January 2012
In case of emergency, call SAMU (medical emergencies): 15 Police emergency: 17...
Last edited: 30 April 2006
Here are some useful phrases to get you started: ENGLISH   FRENCH...
Last edited: 01 July 2014
There are telecartes (phonecards) available at tabacs (tobacco shops) all over...
Last edited: 24 September 2013
In France, you will always find a service charge on your bill, above the line...
Last edited: 20 June 2014
Before you drive in France, ensure that you have a High Visibilty Jacket for...
Last edited: 07 July 2013
For anyone with asthma or allergies, a trip to France in the past would quickly...
Last edited: 18 August 2008
This is the link to " Tripadvisor - Paris - Transportation - Train Travel...
Last edited: 19 June 2014