Reims is highly known for its superb architecture. Traveling to this city offers a real eye to mideieval archtiecture and the Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral is often called France's most beautiful cathedral; its ornate detail far outweighs that of Notre Dame de Paris. The cathedral was the coronation site for French kings making it an extremely important place in French history.

The Cathedral Notre Dame de Reims is the first and most obvious place to start your architectural tour in Reims. Unfortunately the original Romanesque masterpiece was burned in the early 1200s. But almost immediately after the structure was rebuilt in full-fledged gothic-splendor. It was finally finished in the 15th century and has seen its fair share of despair in world history. World War II saw German troupes storming through the main thoroughfare of Reims and today bulletholes can still be noticed on several different statues on the facade of the cathedral dating back from those times.

The Porte de Mars is another top landmark in Reims, located at Place de la Republique. It dates back to the 3rd century AD as a Roman gateway to the city.

Basilique Saint Remi in honor of the first archbishop of Reims, is an example of Roman and Gothic architecture. Its interior has great stained glass art from 12th century.

For a more modern taste of architecture in Reims, the Saint Clotilde Basilica is a neo-byzantine church with a very unique facade.

The Jesuits' College provides the look of the 17th century Baroque style.

Simply walking through Place de la Republique and off to narrow, cobblestone side streets will please experts of architecture and just those who appreciate historical buildings.