Corsica, as a Mediterranean island, has a long tradition of seafaring and outdoor activities. Fishing and shipbuilding have been important components of the island’s economy for thousands of years, so you will not be surprised to find that water sports and activities very popular on the island. There are several beaches near Ajaccio that can be used for windsurfing, swimming, diving or sunbathing. Waters are warm enough for swimming almost year-round, but the peak diving season is during the summer months.

The sports complex of Pascal Rossini, located on the boulevard of the same name, has extensive sports and fitness facilities, as well as exercise classes targeted toward adolescents and children.

Those who prefer to stay on land may want to venture inland of Ajaccio to explore some of Corsica’s mountains, which make for excellent camping, hiking and outdoor activities. The GR20, for example, is a 200-kilometer hiking trail that winds through much of Corsica’s beautiful forested interior. The trek is quite long and physically demanding, however. People who are short on time or not willing to do such grueling exercise can also partake in one of the slightly shorter hikes that traverse the island in 5 days or a week.