There are many cultural attractions for visitors to explore in Montpellier, including museums, churches, and historical landmarks.

             Visitors can explore the city’s attractions either independently, or with guided tours that are offered through the Tourist Office.

            There are many museums located in Montpellier, and even more found within its surrounding area.  The Agropolis Museum is filled with information and exhibits focusing on food, and the way it forms and affects the world’s societies.  The exhibits featured in this museum deal with history, agriculture, societal cuisine, and many other things.  This museum is open every day from 2pm – 6pm, aside from Thursdays when it is closed.

            The Fabre Museum ( Musée Fabre) has been going through major construction and refurbishing in the past few years.   To the delight of many, it will again open its doors in February of 2007.   This is one of the largest museums in France and contains over 800 pieces from Italian, French, Flemish, Spanish and Dutch artists.

            Check out this Museums around Montpellier page for information about the other museums in town.

              The Tourist Office of Montpellier offers over 25 different walking tours of the city, which visit places such as the botanical gardens, the Opera House, and many churches.   For more information, check out this Montpellier Guided Walking Tours page.