Even though Toulouse does not have as big of a party scene as Paris, you can still go out and have a good time. There are plenty of bars and restaurants that stay open late into the night. There is a big club scene in the city as well, and many of the locals like to go to the clubs and just dance the night away. One thing you need to remember, however, is that most bars and clubs will be closed on Sundays, so if you plan on doing a bit of partying on that day of the week you will just have to take it easy. Toulouse isn't just about partying though. A nice thing to do is sit at a cafe, either enjoying some coffee or wine, and just sit and enjoy your evening. Locals do this quite often, and it is a good way to embrace yourself in the culture. While you are sitting at the cafes, there is no rush to leave, and you can just sit and talk with friends or family. Some good bars to check out while you are in Toulouse are La Capriciosa, El Cubano, and Saint Sernin. These clubs have good atmospheres, and the drinks are not too expensive.

Nightlife is very unlike Scottish nightlife.  Student-type clubs that young erasmus students frequent are Le Frigo, just off Place Wilson (near the cinema) which plays a variety of bizarre French songs, with a Spanish feel to the music. Older people may want to steer clear of this club. Apparently its for the "trendy" young frenchies (boys with very tight t-shirts and overly gelled hair) Also Bodega Bodega seems to be another studenty haunt, which is not far from Firgo, a 5 minute walk away. Drinks are quite expensive in the clubs. Usually 6-8 euros for a vodka/spirit. Best policy - take advantage of the cheap bottles of wine from the supermarket before you head out!

Also, a pub which any young student type person MUST visit, for the hilarity, is Cale Seche. It's a pub just off Capitole, which only serves RUM! They sell it at 2 euros a rum and they come in all sorts of different flavours.  Normally you can't get moving as it's really packed.  It attracts a "grungy" crowd.  The clientele are very friendly and approachable, even if they do appear very scruffy.  Good atmosphere and cool French music.

Place Saint Pierre is the main nightlife place to be.  Bouncers can be a bit choosy in pub Couleur de la Culotte.  But once your'e in, it's really nice inside actually. Most pubs are here, then you have to trek back to Place Wilson for the unusual French clubbing experience.

A hidden club is La Paillote, Rue d'aubuisson, which is smallish but full of frenchies if you want to escape the erasmus humdrum and actually speak some French.

Most clubs are open until 6am which is always good!