Lille isn't as big in shopping terms at Paris is, but because of its close proximity and the popularity of the fashion in France, it definitely takes after it. There are some very expensive designer shops and boutiques in Lille where you can find the latest fashions. There are some stores in Lille that would put the best in America to shame. There are great designs as well as new and edgy fashions that haven't yet reached America that you can find in the city. You can also find some great flea markets and smaller shops that sell nice things as well though. There are a lot of stores that just sell typical souvenir things like t-shirts, shot glasses, and keychains. If you just want to get a shirt that says something in French, you'll definitely be able to find something. La Braderie is a huge flea market that sells a number of products. Some are cheesy and cheap, but some are actually pretty cool and end up being good finds. Of course, you can get other things in Lille as well, including paintings, antiques, and other rare collectables. Overall, you're probably going to pay a lot of money, especially because the euro has more value than the dollar.