The French culture is one of the most notable cultures in the world; known for its romance, the beautiful language, the incredible food and the French attitude. Bayeux in some ways encompasses the classic culture of the French as it was started by the Gauls and has been a part of French history ever since, officially a part of the country since 1944, but its location so near the English Channel has brought in different influences from England that many other regions in France never saw.

Bayeux is a small town and life here moves pretty slowly. Locals are used to seeing many tourists because of the tapestry and many speak great English especially given the close proximity to England. Some also speak Breton, a surviving Celtic language spoken also in the Normandy and Brittany regions of France.

The slow pace of life is for many tourists a love, hate relationship. Tourists love the passion the people take for everyday events and this is in turn a big part of their culture. What must be understood and given extra patience, is that side effects of this can include slow service but that is not to say that the people are rude, it is simply the culture.

Gastronomy is in Bayeux as it is in all of France, incredibly important. Seafood is a major part of many dishes.