Sitting at the Northwest tip of France, Rouen is nearest the English Channel, which means it keeps considerably cooler here than in areas that sit on the Mediterranean. That also means you might get rained on in July and August and will need to prepare for cool temperatures year-round.

During the summer months, say June, July and August, when most people are traveling, bring a sweater. The average highs during these months are 61, 64 and 63, respectively. Of course, you might get a “hot” day here and there when it nears 80, but don’t count on it. You should, however, count on some rain. Rouen can average as many as 200 rain days a year.

If you happen to visit Rouen during the winter months, you need not bring a heavy coat. The weather here is considered mild. Average highs in the winter month of January and February come in about the mid-40s. Lows can get right to about freezing. No season here it too extreme. In the winter, however, be prepared for those rains, and as well for fog and just gloomy, drippy days.

Depending on your preferences in travel, those winter months might be ideal for traveling to Rouen if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy quiet time exploring this historic city.