Aix is one of those places you have to see in your lifetime. A small pocket of compressed history.


ARCHITECTURE. The Walls About Us!

Aix-en-Provence is a beautiul place to look at very early stonework. Much of it is still there and you really need to walk about and look hard to find some pretty exciting examples of what was.

Aix en Provence. The Secret Fountaine.

Above is a secret fountaine no one knows anything about, for example. Its in the back gardens of one oft he main Cours Mirabeau buildings and it is only accessible by permission. This was a photo taken through a small hole in the gate, otherwise it was hidden by high walls and tall gates.

There are always mysteries and exciting examples to be discovered but on the whole the main atmosphere of Aix is a medieval town, similar to early London in that the streets can be as narrow as 6 feet and as high as 8 rickety floors.

Aix en Provence. Alleyways and backalleys.

 Don't be deceived by small side walks leading off the main walkways. Take one of them and you'll eventually snake your way back to the main stream but there's alot to be seen down the little walkways and sidealleys. Artwork for one. People here paint the soft pastel coloured walls and walking down tight narrow paths you suddenly come across a splash of colour advertising some good eating establishment and then further down there's another old masterpiece painted across a 12 by 12 foot space. At night these are backdrops to the outdoor restaurant eating places. Those shutters open up and the tables and table cloths come out and suddenly the little square or walkways is a busy eating arena.

Nights in AIx en Provence.

It's old and rustic and beautiful. The lighting is fantastic. Even at Christmas the whole place is a totally different arena. The French down here cut no corners in decorations for the Christmas season. All the trees are decked with purple and red and yellow lights and couple this will the wonderful walls about you, the whole atmosphere and feeling of the place is just gorgeous.

Aix en Provence at Christmas.

 Beautifully lit Christmas scenes like this are matched in the summer by scenes like ......

Aix en Provence.  Fontaine Rotonde.

.....this. If you've never been to Aix before, make a note of it in the corner of your mind. It's well worth some time out down here.