Travelers generally opt to rent a car upon arrival at the airport, which is a viable method of getting around, although many people find that parking is a problem in Aix-en-Provence.  (For more information about airport arrival and car rental options, visit .)  However, the best method of getting around Aix-en-Provence is through your own personal manpower (or woman-power as the case may be.)  Bicycling is the best way of getting to see the entire city while enjoying the weather that makes the place such a wonderful travel destination all throughout the year.  (More about the weather is online at .)

Bicycling allows travelers to get the most of their Aix-en-Provence travel experience because it forces them to slow down and look around.  This is an area which is intended to be enjoyed and indulged in, not sped by.  There is nothing in the area which is not worth seeing, so taking the time to explore without a destination in mind is the best way of experiencing the area.

For travelers who want to forego the bicycle route, public transportation is available in the form of a public bus system (see for more information).  Taxi service is also a possibility.