Located in the Southern region of France, St. Paul de Vence benefits from a very temperate climate. One can make the trip to this village any time of year however, the true high season runs April through September and sees a little pick up around the winter holidays.

Summer in St. Paul de Vence is truly the time to come. The weather can be very hot however reaching the 80s regularly and the high 90s as well. The sun pounds down with force and sunscreen should be worn at all times. Those bothered by extreme heat may enjoy the artsy town better in spring or fall. Less tourists will be crowding the cobblestone streets during these months as well, so it is something to consider.

Winters are not cold by any means but can regularly get to the 50s or 60s and there is definitely less action during this time and store and restaurant hours can be more challenging to accommodate you.

Coming to the city during la Fete de la Musique on June 21st or for Bastille Day on July 14th can enhance your time in St. Paul de Vence, or most other cities of France for that matter.