Africa Festival

It's difficult to describe exactly -- La Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille. Even the website believes a little part of the place must be left "d'indertermination". Formerly an enormous tobacco manufacturing plant, it was transformed into an immense art and cultural space in 1992 by Système Friche Théàtre. The organization allowed the site to be covered, almost entirely, by vibrant and complex murals of graffiti and its sheer size allows it to host large numbers of people for spectacular multi-media community events.


It is, all at once, a gallery, a concert hall, a club & discothèque, a workshop, a studio center and a festival space. Its goal is to benefit the public by including it in all manners of cultural and artistic happenings. They hold over 500 annual events and festivals, have gained 180 international artistic partnerships, and have presented art from over 1,000 artists every year in theater, dance, film and art - both classic and “street”.

‘La Friche’ is one place where you can see the true heart and diversity of the people of Marseille and experience the benefits of its cultural diversity.  It offers an experience of life in southern France you simply can’t find in a museum.

African Festival Tent 

When deciding to visit Marseille, make sure to check the website for upcoming festivals or  exhibitions. Hours to the view the gallery are also posted and should be consulted before visiting as they change by event.  If you can’t make it to an event, you can check out the graffiti anytime from 7am to midnight, as the gates are left open and free to the public. Call 04 95 04 95 04 for more information.

Address- 41, rue Jobin – 13003 Marseille (Entrance #1)

                12, rue François Simon – 13003 Marseille (Entrance #2, Open 8:30am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday)

Directions – Bus Line 49B, direction Belle de Mai maternité. Get off at Jobin/Pautrier Stop 

                Train – Metro to Chartreux or Longchamps,  (highly recommended to take or make a map for the walking part)   


Concert at La Fiche

LES grandes TABLES de la Friche – is a new restaurant of “la cusine du quotidian”. They offer a changing menu where you can find tarte du jour, mitonné, soupe, and grillade (grilled meats) between 6 and 12 euros.  (Restaurant Hours – 8:30pm to10pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday open till midnight. 0495049585)


Organization Leaders offering Tables of Info Dancing to the Music!