Hire a Vélo'v bike from any of the stands around the city, it costs 1€50 to register (go online before arriving at the rank) then 0.50€ er half hour.

If you cross the river at the university bridge you can collected the bikes just beside the embankment and ride all the way up past the confluence of the Saône and Rhône rivers, where. You can get some photos of the future Musee du Confluence, a futuristic icon on the tip of the peninsular where the rivers meet.

there are many barge restaurants and cafe carts along the way closer to the city. It is a flat easy ride along the embankment for even the most unfit people (it has probably been 10years since this little black duck got on a bike!)

 It is a must do while in Lyon, who knows you may even be brave enough to use this as your mode of transport around the town, so you can forget about the busses and trams.