Nuremberg’s public transit is very simple and convenient.  Known as the VGN, tickets are sold at the main station and elsewhere at places scattered throughout the city.  This one ticket works wonders on more than four hundred routes, train and bus, and a one-day pass is an incredible deal—at the current price of 3.60 euros the traveler can traverse Nuremberg for a day.  Furthermore, a Saturday ticket purchase ensures free Sunday transit.  

There are also packaged deals and extended day fares for larger groups with longer stays.  In addition to the TagesTicket Solo, a TagesTicket Plus of two people with up to four children (defined as under eighteen years old) is 6.30 euro and a MobiCard for a single, a couple, or a couple with the up-to-four kids is a Monday through Friday pass (post 9 a.m.) for 16.30 euro.

Rail services include both a U-Bahn for underground Nuremberg transit as well as an S-Bahn for suburban train.  

The VGN is particularly expedient at getting its riders to its athletic venues and exhibit centers, so if you’re a soccer fan expect few problems in frequenting the sports hubs of the World Cup host.