Fussen is a city within Germany that sees tourists throughout all months of the year. The most popular months for vacationers, however, are May through September. During these months, the weather warmer and there are many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Germany , as a whole, does receive quite a bit of precipitation, and tourists do have to contend with these weather conditions. Rain can fall in Fussen at any time, and snow can fall during the winter months.

Because Germany is filled with all sorts of out-door cafes and there are plenty of outdoor activities (such as hiking and bicycling) for tourists, the months of May through September are traditionally the favorite months for a visit. In the summertime, visit Fuessen's Spa district, Bad Faulenbach. There are several lakes set up for public swimming - the Mittersee, Obersee and Alatsee. This area is very beautiful - there's a ski jump that is even used in the summer time, Tennis courts, Mini-golf, a Bare-foot path, playground equipment for kids, and a foot and arm bath for sore muscles and better circulation.

However, no matter the time of year, the museums in Fussen can be visited, and other attractions such as the castles in the area can be toured. If the weather is nice, a cable-car ride up to the top of the local mountain, Tegelberg, is fun. In the winter, skiing is available here and in the summer, they have a summer bobsled run. You can also see some old Roman bathhouse ruins. There is a great view from the top and two good restaurants - take a sweatshirt since it can be cooler at the top. 

Many tourists travel to Germany to participate in Oktoberfest – which does not begin in October! In Germany , Oktoberfest begins during the month of September and lasts 17 days.

Other tourists visit Germany in the winter so that they can enjoy skiing and participating in other snow-related sports activities.

Anyone wanting to visit Fussen when it is less crowded (i.e. during the colder months of the year) can still enjoy and participate in many activities and events – and not be disappointed.