Similar most cities in Germany , Wiesbaden has a rich history and lots of cultural attractions. Many of the museums in town are visited by tourists, and a few are extremely popular.

Museum of Laughter: The exhibits in this museum can be described as downright funny. The museum has several different rooms filled with items and exhibits that are designed to do one simple thing: be funny . The museum receives several thousand visitors every year, and there are a few thousand things on display for them to see. This museum is absolutely perfect for adults as well as children.

Women’s Museum: This museum is dedicated to displaying the plight of women in

German history. Because there are very few museums in the world that focus solely on women, this museum is very unique and interesting. The museum also hosts several speakers and workshops throughout the year, all revolving around women’s issues.

Wiesbaden Museum:   The Wiesbaden museum consists of works of fine art as well as exhibits related to the history of Wiesbaden and Germany . There are also several pieces that provide insight into Wiesbaden ’s rich culture and traditions. It contains both permanent items as well as temporary ones, and the museum is a top tourist destination for visitors to the area.