Das Kleinefest in der grossengarten- This is the little festival in the big garden.

If you are ever in Hannover in July, this festival is a must see! Every summer, this almost sold out showcase of the most innovative and daring artists from all over the world continues to amaze. For more than 20 years now, it has been a cultural fixture of Hannover.

Interesting artists or companies are given a stage in this huge botanical garden to do their stuff for only 20 minutes. No show lasts longer than this. When the gates are opened at 6pm, first shows start at 7pm, you get a program guide from which you choose a show to watch.

This festival is so well organized by Herr Bohmann that  20-25 shows go on simultaneously without disturbing one another. the shows take place in open air. If you plan well, you can conceivably see 4-5 shows a night as the times are also staggered.

Each act also goes on twice anight so if you missed the first run, you can see the second run. There are acrobatic shows that give cirque du soleil a run for their money from Australia,  made friends with Mike from down under. This two man acrobatic show was awesome.

Performances by the Sharniertheater mask and puppet group led by the legendary Hannover artist and maskmaster, Hans-Ulrich Buchwald, is a must-see! He performed in the very first festival 20 years back. So check them out. They are a fixture at the festival yearly.

Check out the eis-show by Ali. Truly hilarious. There is food and face painting, dance performances, innovative and interactive music going on all over this magnificent garden.

This is July 2007 and the festival is on again. Check it out.