Hannover’s nightlife scene is eclectic and electric.  Its emphasis is on dance, though there is also a vibrant pub scene to complements its club counterpart.

The Central Station neighborhood hosts some lively disco offerings, particularly on Raschplatz, with clubs such as Baggi, Palo Palo, Zaza, and Acanto, all of which are rather chic and extremely popular with the locals.  Veranstaltungskalender is another prominent establishment of dance and drinks that may be worth a stop.

Bars to check out include the Spandau and Steintor.  The Old Town area of the city boasts quaint, historic pubs with a wide selection of German beers that are a staple of European beverage.  Oddly enough, the city also sports a wide variety of Irish pubs, the most acclaimed of which is MacGowans, located on Bruderstrasse.

There is also Spielbank, a decent enough casino for both card sharks and slot addicts, and a multitude of gay clubs.  Once in Hannover, it would be smart for one to pick up a Hannover Vorschau newspaper, a monthly publication devoted to the city’s nightlife and culture that is usually available for free at most hotels .