Public transportation in Dusseldorf is efficient, inexpensive, easy to understand and frequently used by travelers.  The local public transportation service is provided by the Rheinbahn AG.  The Rheinbahn operates buses, streetcars und the subway (" Stadtbahn"). The public transport system of Düsseldorf is a part of the linked transport system Rhine-Ruhr area (" Verkehsverbund Rhein-Ruhr"; short " VRR"). So you can travel with one ticket over a huge area. Further information are available at

Also fares are established by the VRR (and not by the Rheinbahn). Fares for the different types of public transportation vary. Fares for different distances vary as well. The fares must be paid in Euros.  There are multi-destination and multi-day ticket passes which many visitors purchase for both discounted rates and convenience while traveling.  Visitors should also discuss free transportation passes with their travel agents or tourist office customer representatives in order to get the best current rates on all public transportation.

Many people wonder if the public transportation is safe in Dusseldorf.  Indeed, it is.  Travelers rarely have problems.  However, as with any crowded area, the busier parts of the public transportation pose some risks in terms of safety.  The major threat is petty theft.  This usually means purse snatching or pick pocketing but occasional mugging may occur.  This is not a great threat but users of public transportation should be aware of it I order to protect themselves.  More information on safety in Dusseldorf in general is available at .

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