Trier is a city which is divided into almost twenty different neighborhoods.  These neighborhoods are officially called districts and reflect the political boundaries more than the changes between locations which would be noticeable to travelers.  These districts are:

  • Biewer
  • Ehrang
  • Euren
  • Feyen-Weismark
  • Filsch
  • Heiligkreuz
  • Irsch
  • Kernscheid
  • Kurenz
  • Mariahof
  • Mitte-Gartenfeld
  • Nord
  • Olewig
  • Pfalzel
  • Quint
  • Ruwer-Eitelsbach
  • Sud
  • Tarforst
  • West-Pallien
  • Zewen

Additional information about these districts and their political relationship to the city can be found online at .

In terms of distinct neighborhoods which travelers might be interested in, the following are the places to know about:

  • Porta Nigra – This is where the tourist information office is located so visitors will likely make a stop here anyway, but the thing to know is that this is a historic site which marks the location of the “black gate” which was what the city was known for when it was a walled city.
  • Market Square – This is the historic shopping neighborhood, at the center of which is the Market Cross obelisk.  It is centrally located making it something of a historic downtown area.